Try Online Calligraphy Lesson + Cultural exchange

Do you want to try Japanese Calligraphy? And are you want to try new things even in these turbulent times?

Not only learning a few tips to write well,
you can write beautiful Japanese characters.And you can experience real Japanese culture with native well-experienced Japanese Calligrapher.I think that the chances of interacting with people have decreased dramatically due to covid-19.
By interacting with and meeting people,
we can enjoy the rich life many times deeper.”Canceled overseas trips in which I was planning to go.”
”Maybe that’s last another few months… ”
”Events and fun things are reduced. It’s is boring!”
I often hear such voices.

Then, I added safe and secured Online free talk after Japanese Calligraphy lesson.
You can experience cultural exchange with native Japanese in this lesson!

I’m a master of Calligrapher, Shoran,
who hosts Japanese calligraphy and brush pen lessons
from children to adults from Japan to overseas.

Don’t you have this problem?

  • ・ I want to try new things.
    ・ I want to devote myself to one thing,
    but I’m too busy to take the time.

    ・ I wish to experience Zen.

    ・ I wish to try Kanji characters.

    ・ I want to activate my brain by moving my hands, but I don’t
    know what to do.

  • ・ I want to learn Japanese culture.

    ・ I made a reservation for an overseas trip, but canceled it.
       And I don’t know when I can travel again.

    ・ The chances of meeting people have decreased.

    ・ Because I’m just at home recently,
    it’s boring and I want to have fun.

I hope you can solve your problems in this seminar.

My thoughts on this study session

Because I was learning Sumi-paintings,

I could create Japanese Calligraphy method easily to understand for people. “The way to write Japanese Calligraphy visually.”

My teaching way has been searching for these past eight years.

It is also beneficial when teaching overseas students who do not know Kanji or Hiragana characters.

Since 2013, I have been doing calligraphy performances overseas as well.

And I began to teach people all over the world.
My calligraphy class in Los Angeles was started in 2014.

Luckily I got the 2018 Lomita in LA Small Business Excellence Award in the Art Classes classification (2018 Lomita, CA Small Business Excellence Award)
and 2019 Best of Lomita Awards in Art Classes.

Even now, I receive inquiries about my class from overseas.
So I teach them online and when they come to Japan.


So far, I have taught calligraphy to about 800 students in 50 countries , including workshops.

That is the reason why my students can feel the value of an International class mood.

From the student’s voice:


・ I can feel Shoran likes to teach. She teaches children kindly.
So even daughters dislike studying, she likes her lessons.
She seems happy every week!

・ I always feel calm with calligraphy.

 The talk with the teacher made me feel very positive, so I am grateful! 

・ Basically, she always compliments me, so I feel so good.

 I had my husband praise me for the first time in a long time. lol

・ Comparing Before & After of practice,

 I am surprised that my character changes so much in just 1 hour.

・ I’ve be asked to handwrite at work.

・ I need time to face myself slowly in Calligraphy class.

  Maybe it’s because holding a brush stretches my spine,

  I feel that my better physical condition. (^-^)

・ Thanks to the teacher, I’m more excited than ever ?Thank you ✨

 And I’m really happy that friends circle spreads like this ✨

・ This calligraphy class is the only comfort in my life now. (from USA)

・ It’s fun to improve my writings. (from Canada)

・ I am delighted to know about my favorite Japan. (from France)


I got a lot of happy voices. 

Online Japanese Calligraphy lesson + Cultural exchange is

Japanese Calligraphy lesson + Cultural exchange is

Learning the basics Japanese calligraphy and help to use it in your daily life.
Plus you can have free talk time with people from overseas.

The era of attending only Japanese Calligraphy courses are coming to an end.
The lesson you can enjoy from now is,

“You can enjoy Japanese Calligraphy with Learning Community.
Then you can feel about Japan more”

Now Internet made us easy to connect with people from all over the world.
That is the international exchange + learning Japanese calligraphy.

It’s okay if you’re not good at writing or don’t know Japanese!

My grandfather was a Master of Japanese Calligraphy.
That’s made me study this field for about 20 years.
So I have created a course that even beginners can enjoy!

Many Japanese people are feeling sad about not be able to go overseas and meet people, and I think that is same as you.

This  session is for who


  • ・I am glad that I can learn both Calligraphy and culture!
  • There is no lesson nearby.
  • I want to learn calligraphy, but I don’t know where to start.
  • I got bored by only staying at home recently.
  • I want to connect with people all over the world.


         ・Learn the basics of calligraphy
・You can learn about Japanese culture.
・You can know the current situation of each other’s                                                             countries through conversation.
・Cultural exchange is possible
・You can make overseas friends


       ・ What do you need to write straight and beautiful characters
・Why can you write characters nicely?
・You can talk freely after the calligraphy experience
(It’s okay if you can’t speak English well.)
I will tell you about those.
Would you like to take a new step?


[Date and time] ZOOM
JST(Japan StandardTime)
12/20 18:00-19:30
12/21 16:00-17:30
1/18 13:00-14:30
1/19 10:00-11:30
1/26 10:00-11:30

[Theacher] Master of Calligrapher, Shoran
[Participation fee] 3000 yen ➡ Free
[Capacity] 5 people each time
* We hold a small number of people to answer specific concerns and questions.

・ How to participate
* We will inform you of the ZOOM participation URL and how to use ZOOM after applying.
* You will receive an (automatic) reply email immediately after registration.

If you don’t receive the email, please let us know at

【3 Manners】

We would appreciate if you could read the following rules.

1. Participate with your real name
2. Actively participate (answer seminar questions)
3. Participate in an environment where you can concentrate

Because it interferes with the concentration of other students,
We will refuse to participate in the seminar from the middle.
* You may be asked to leave without observing the above rules.
Thank you for your understanding.


Master of Calligrapher.
Graduated from State University of NY
High school in Australia
While working as an ANA flight attendant, she gained overseas experience
Then she realized the charm of calligraphy that her grandfather taught her, and aspired to do activities related to calligraphy.
In 2012, graduated from the Japan Educational Calligraphy Arts Institute and opened Shoran Calligraphy Class.In 2015, she got a cultural exchange visa and worked as a calligrapher in Los Angeles.
Performed Japanese calligraphy and lectured at various places
such as museums, universities, galleries, and hotels.
In recognition of her achievements, she received the 2018 Lomita in LA Small Business Excellence Award in the Art Classes classification
and the 2019 Best of Lomita Awards in the category of Art Classes.Currently, she teaches “Matcha Calligraphy®” and “Global Calligraphy class
where both Japanese and foreigners can learn together” in Shizuoka and Tokyo.
She taught about 800 students for 50 countries including workshops.
In addition to Ink-painting, handwriting graphology, designs,
she is also performing in Japan and overseas.
Her dream is Design the Hollywood movie title.
By expanding “japanese Calligraphy” to the world and establishing a Japanese brand,
she would like to revitalize the Japanese culture and inform it to the next generation.
Mother of a boy. Like to travel and go to the beach.
If you want to try Japanese and know about Japan more by free talk,
Please join this study session and get a new future.I am looking forward to talking with you at ZOOM.


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